Client/Project: Full Impact Games
Tools Used: Stingray, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Designer, Substance Painter

Awards: Best Game of the Year (Game-A-Con 2015)

Indie DB Link: Railgun Game

This complete game project is still in production but is close to release.  It features a fast pace shooter game quality similar to 80's style games but boasts custom upgradeable weapons, intricate UI, and lots of other modern concepts.  It is a blast to play and has been even more of a blast to build.  Made with Stingray, this project shows the speed, performance and capabilities of both the Stingray Engine and our small but capable team.

Video Link: YouTube

Dev Updates: Update 4


Tags: Game Art, Modeling, Tutorials, MayaLT, Maya, Stingray, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, simulation, Virtual Reality (VR), Video Link