Train Station

Train Station
Client: Autodesk Inc.
Project: Demo Content for Stingray (PC/VR)
Tools Used: MayaLT, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Stingray

This project was used as sample/demo for the launch of Autodesk's Stingray Engine.  Because the engine was still in beta at the time Full Impact Games not only had to create all the individualized content, but also had to learn a squeeky new engine as well.  With full VR and PC (mouse and keyboard) control schemes, character animations, and sound/particle effects enhancing the scene we pulled every stop to give Stingray engine the best edge we could.  Seing how the images produced were plastered over many blog sites, tech news sites and other online publications we feel confident our job was done well.


Tags: Modeling, MayaLT, Maya, Stingray, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, 3DS Max, engineering visualization, architectural visualization, Virtual Reality (VR), Photoshop