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Speaker Configurator
Client: Epic Games
Project: Demo/Webinar Content for Epic Games
Tools Used: MayaLT, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4

Configurators allow for excellent communication of a product and its configuration options. In other media forms, displaying configuration options to a client has been a daunting task. This leads to costly easily avoided production mistakes at best and a product that wont sell at worst. Configurators in this way offer something truly unique. First, They help sell your product and demonstrate configuration options better than any other medium. This alone makes them a consideration worthy of any sales kit. However, behind the scenes, a configuraor does so very much more. While users decide their favorite options, you can gleen the data for things like favorite selected options, most popular color choices etc. Released into the public early, the data generated can be used to help make informed decisions on product desirability, distribution optimization, material preparedness, and other high cost concerns. This project was built for Epic Games to use in webinars and demo content.  Featuring price calculations, high quality graphics, nice lighting and intricate environmental controls, this project wows everyone who views it.

When supplied abundant resources

Tags: Game Art, Modeling, MayaLT, Maya, Unreal Engine 4, Configurator, engineering visualization