configurator image Configurators allow for excellent communication of a product and its configuration options. In other media forms, displaying configuration options to a client has been a daunting task. This leads to costly easily avoided production mistakes at best and a product that wont sell at worst. Configurators in this way offer something truly unique. First, They help sell your product and demonstrate configuration options better than any other medium. This alone makes them a consideration worthy of any sales kit. However, behind the scenes, a configuraor does so very much more. While users decide their favorite options, you can glean the data for things like favorite selected options, most popular color choices etc. Released into the public early, the data generated can be used to help make informed decisions on product desirability, distribution optimization, material preparedness, and other high cost concerns.

Architectural Pre-Viz

Showing vision in architecture is more than just displaying a beautiful model. It's describing a feeling in brick and stone. Lighting, furniture and mood must be on the money. We pride ourselves on using IGES light profiles specific to client requests and use a full PBR (Physically Based Rendering) workflow to ensure the most vibrant visuals... day or night. When combined with being a configurator, it can also be a powerful sales tool. Selling 50-100 townhouses? What better way is there to show the unique qualities and options to targeted home buyers?

Automotive in Realtime

Demanding the ultimate quality in visual fidelity from triangulated, non-performant meshes, automotive stands alone in its challenges.. Because of this, automotive rendering in real time environments push game engines to their limits. It requires excellent lighting control, amazing shader development and excellent quality light-maps. With FIG, you can put those concerns to rest. Allow us to create your next visual masterpiece for commercials, configurators, or AR/VR production.

Digital Manuals

Traditionally, instruction manuals are difficult to read and lead to many product returns due to user error. With a digital instruction guide, users get step by step instructions showing exactly what to do. Animated linear or nonlinear installation sequences, and challenging visual reference angles are now not only possible, but are beautiful. What better way to convey your products quality than the first steps on assembly, you hold their hand. Certainly better than folded paper inserts in 12 languages we have all fought with over the years. Optionally, we can receive data from users as they use the instruction guide giving valuable feedback like where people get stuck, confused, or give up the assembly process. This can be helpful in future productions or revisions to alleviate the hang ups in user assembly.

Virtual Training

Virtual training has proven successful for years. With the advent of VR, training on an entirely new level is now possible.

HDRI Skydome Creation

configurator image Being located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions of North America, FIG has the a unique capability to locate ideal places for Skydome Creation. Using top of the line equipment, we offer this specialized form of bracketed photography for your scene. Generally this service is bundled with other services like automotive in Realtime or Architectual Pre-Vis but we are happy to do this as a separate service as well.